Monday, 14 February 2011

Selvaraj concerned over spate of injuries

BA of Malaysia (BAM) high performance director Datuk James Selvaraj wants a frank assessment on the current training programme from the national coaches due to growing injury concerns.
Women's doubles Wong Pei Tty underwent a knee operation in November while men's doubles Teo Kok Siang suffered knee and achilles tendon injuries last week and may need surgery.

Injury-prone Wong Mew Choo twisted her ankle a few days ago while Chin Eei Hui and Goh Liu Ying have also been regularly hit by injuries.

Except for Kok Siang, the other four players are in the Road To London 2012 programme and there is a risk Malaysia may have minimum representation in next year's Olympics.

"I will have a meeting with the coaches and look into the problem. We have to also consider if over training could be one of the reasons and come up with a solution to overcome the problem," said Selvaraj.

"Lack of physical strength can also cause injuries and the feedback from the coaches is needed to avoid further injuries as it may affect the players' chances of qualifying for the Olympics.

"The immediate focus is the World Championships in London (August) where some of the players are at risk of not being able to qualify due to injuries.

"We have to see if the training programme needs some adjustments and how the sports science team from the National Sports Institute (NSI) can help overcome the problem.

"The good thing is that the majority of the senior players will have five to six weeks break from international competitions after the All England and Swiss Open in March and the coaches must come up with a solid programme to utilise the period.

"Quality time must be spent on physical conditioning and polish up their skills as this will put them in good stead, especially when they compete in the World Championships.

"They will not get much time to focus on training after May as the international circuit will be hectic again and the six weeks will be crucial in order for the players to perform in the World Championships."

Selvaraj said the findings during the coaches' meeting will be elaborated on during a meeting with the sports science team on Friday to fine tune the training programme. -- K.M. BOOPATHY

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