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In 1950, 4 weigh - lifters from Malaya ( as Malaysia was then known) participated in the Empire Games in Auckland under the Union Jack. They won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Toh Fook Hung, Koh Eng Tong, Thong Saw Oak, and Tan Kim Bee at the Auckland Empire Games 1950.

3 years later, 2 National Sport Association - for Hockey and Athletics - met on 15 August 1953, and decided to form a National Olympic Committee, so that Malaya could participate in Multi - sports events like the Olympic Games, Asian Games and Empire Games, under her own name and using her own flag.

On 13 November 1953, the Federation of Malaya Olympic Council (FMOC) the forerunner to the Olympic Council of Malaysia was registered under the Societies Act as a volunteer based, non-profit and non-government organization.

The FMOC held its first meeting on 24 April 1954, attended by 3 representative from Hockey and 4 from Athletics. The Malayan Bore Rifle Association sent an observer. The FMOC then invited all National Sport Association to become members so that they could participate in multi - sports events.

The FMOC recognition letter by IOC

April 1954- The first Federation of Malaya team to take in international games left for Manila for 2nd Asian Games 1954.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially recognized the FMOC on 26 May 1954, just in time for Malaya to participate in the 2nd Asian Games in Manila. Malaya send 8 athletes and 2 years later in 1956, Malaya sent 33 athletes to the Olympic Games in Melbourne. Although the athlete did not make any great impression on these Games but they introduced Malaya to the international community as a sporting nation of promising champion.

March past 33 athletes of Malaya contingent at Olympic Games, Melbourne 1956.

With the formation of Malaysia, the FMOC changed its name to the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) at its EGM held on 5th May 1964. In April 1972, its name was translated into Bahasa Malaysia ant the OCM also became known as " Majlis Olimpik Malaysia " (MOM).

Member of FMOC - 15 April 1958

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