Friday, 21 October 2011

‘NSI capable of emergencies’ - MALAY MAIL


KUALA LUMPUR: National Sports Institute (NSI) director general Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz (pic) confirmed that they can react immediately to any medical emergencies at any one time.

Questions arose as to NSI’s capabilities to handle emergencies late at night after Khoo Beng Khai suffered a cardiac arrest and an ambulance from Serdang Hospital was the first to the scene.

“We have medical officers on duty at all times. Even our ambulance can be mobilised any time,” said Ramlan.

“However, when Dr Jazmiza arrived at the scene the ambulance was already there. The boys (Aris Ardila and Jonathan Chan) had called the ambulance first.”

Ramlan also revealed that Beng Khai’s last thorough medical check-up was last year and the results were good.

“We did not receive any concerns regarding his health in recent times too. Beng Khai was said to be fit and healthy and showed no symptoms of a heart problem,” he added.

“Sometimes this can go undetected too. Just look at the death of footballers Marc Vivien-Foe and Antonio Puerta. On the other hand, we have the case of Yuan Yufang in 2003.”

Yufang had two extra notes in her heart rhythm and underwent angiogram for an irregular heartbeat. This didn’t stop the walker from continuing to win honours for Malaysia.

Puerta and Vivien-Foe both collapsed, on separate occasions, while playing football after suffering a heart attack. NSI is yet to receive an official report regarding the death and cannot comment on the cause of Beng Khai’s passing.

Friday, October 14th, 2011 01:51:00

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