Tuesday, 29 December 2009

OCM want sports bodies to help formulate strategic plan

KUALA LUMPUR: The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) have decided that a strategic plan be formulated to chart their progress over the next five years with specific targets to be met.
The task has been given to the strategic planning committee, chaired by the deputy president, Datuk Dr M. Jegathesan.
Unlike the previous two plans, which the OCM formulated on their own, the task force this time have been asked to get the views of national sports associations (NSAs) and their sponsors.

The OCM secretary general, Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, said that the main agenda should be the relevance of the OCM and what is expected of them by the NSAs.
“We are taking a different approach this time in formulating the plan,” he said yesterday.
“We need to review our role and also what we have done thus far. Then we must set out our future plan and strategies on how do we get there.
“We must be specific in what we do and also have a monitoring system in place to ensure that we achieve our target.”
The OCM have set Jan 23 for a one-day seminar to discuss the plan.
All the NSAs affiliated to the OCM, representatives of sponsors, government sports officials and sports officials will be invited to attend the seminar and to participate in the deliberations and contribute their ideas to assist in formulating the plan.
“Let’s be frank. Are the affiliates happy with the current situation and be content if we just give them money? Surely, there are other ways where we can play an active role in developing sports in the country,” said Kok Chi.
“I believe that whatever plan we come up with has to be precise and action-orientated. Otherwise, we will go nowhere,” he said.
Kok Chi added that one of the proposals he would table was to allow weaker sports to take part in the SEA Games every four years and the OCM would fund their participation.
“To be honest, some sports will never make the SEA Games on merit. And some are unable to pay their own way. We want to help these sports to work hard to achieve results,” he said.
But he reiterated that they would maintain Category B (non-qualifiers on merit) for the biennial Games. STAR

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