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OCM Highlights - 1st November 2009

News Items

Men’s Hockey Test Matches between Malaysia and Australia

The Malaysian Men’s Hockey team plated 5 test matches against the Australian National team from 19th to 25th October 2009. All the matches were played at Stadium Tun Razak, Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur, except for the match on 22nd October 2009, which was played at Kuantan, Pahang. The Australian National team won three of the five matches with the other two matches were drawn. The test matches were arranged as part of the training of the Malaysian Team for the World Cup Qualifying Tournament No. 2 in Invercargill, New Zealand from 7th to 15th November 2009. Other teams in the above tournament, besides Malaysia, are Austria, China, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales. Only the Champion of Tournament No. 2 qualifies for the World Cup.

The Malaysian Team left for New Zealand on 31st October 2009.

3rd Asian Indoor Games – Report from Hanoi of the Opening Ceremony on 30th October.

The Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Asian Indoor Games (AIG) took place in the My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam, on the 30th October with participation of athletes from 43 countries and regions.

The March Past of the athletes and officials of each country was fully supported and well received by the big crowd in the stadium. Participation in the ceremony consisted of the President of the Social Republic Vietnam Nguyen Minh Triet, Deputy Prime Ministers, Heads of Committees of the Games, International delegations, Leaders of the Olympic Council of Asia, officials, representatives of the 43 participating nations special guests with estimated 5,000 government officials, coaches and referees.

The torch of the Games was lit by three typical faces of Vietnamese Sports namely: Bui Thi Nhung (Gold Medal of Indoor Athletics in Asia), Nguyen Tien Cuong (World Indoor Shuttlecock), Nguyen Tiet Cuong (Gold Medal of Indoor Archery in Asia) in the Stadium with the applause of the spectators and athletes.

The Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Mr.Hoang Tuan Anh Head of the Games Organizing Committee delivered the welcome speech. He hoped the event could contribute to the solidarity, cooperation and development of Asia.

The President of the Olympic Council of Asia Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah also spoke and in his speech he expressed the hope that the athletes could perform to their best at the AIG and demonstrate sports friendship.

The Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet announced the official opening of the games.
The theme for this year’s Games is "For a Rising Asia ". There are more than 2,500 athletes competing for 242 gold medals in 21 sports. The Games include Indoor Track and Field, DanceSport, Chess, Tenpin Bowling, Billiards, Computer games and many others. China sent a team of 128 athletes to take part in 13 sports at the Games.

The Opening Ceremony ended with a pledge on behalf of the participating athletes and referees followed by a great performance of 59-minute of a three-chapter festival directed by Peoples’ Artist, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr Le Tien Tho. The performances depicted ‘The Sports Festival of the Youth’, ‘The Vietnamese Cultural Identity’’ and “Asia during the Period of Integration and Development’. There were 5,000 performers and students from Hanoi professional athletics as well as performing arts institutions.

The Opening Ceremony ended with an impressive firework display and everyone went back feeling good and ready for the competitions to begin.

(Report submitted by Moira Tan from Hanoi)

3rd Asian Indoor Games – Report from Ho Chi Minh City on Tenpin Bowling.

The young Malaysian team took to the lanes for the official practice session at 10:00am on 31st November 2009. After the 2 hours official practice session, National coaches, Ben Heng and Allan Chia were pleased with their young bowlers adaption to the oiling conditions of the lanes. Ben Heng was satisfied with the attitude of the bowlers towards the lane approach whilst Allan commented on their well disciplined approach in preparing their bowling equipment prior to their practice session. Ben believed his young charges would be able to finish on the podium if they could sustain their mental focus on the game.

The Men's Singles event will start on 1st November 2009 and shall witness young Malaysian southpaw rookie, Rodson Tong making his championship' debut with Syafiq Ridhwan in the first squad at 09:00am whilst Kang Bo Long and Kelvin Keong would be on the lanes in the 2nd squad at 13:30 hours. The Women's Singles event is scheduled on 02 Nov. 2009 at 09:00am.

At the Team Managers' meeting held yesterday, a record entry of 20 countries confirmed their participation with 18 full Men's teams and 12 full Women's teams.

(Report submitted by Encik B.C. Cheah, from Ho Chi Minh City)

3rd Asian Indoor Games – Report from Ho Chi Minh City on Futsal and Tenpin Bowling

Malaysia entered a men’s and a women’s Futsal team for the 3rd Asian Indoor Games 2009. The Men’s Futsal competitions are held at the Phu To Stadium, while the Women’s competitions are held in Tan Binh Stadium. 14 men’s teams and 8 women’s team are participating in the competitions.

The Men’s competition comprises 14 teams, divided into 2 groups of 3 teams each and 2 groups of 4 teams each. Group A comprises Iran, Turkmenistan and Macau, Group B has Thailand, Japan and Tajikistan. The Malaysian team is in Group C with Bahrain, Jordan and Vietnam, while Group D has Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait and Korea.

In the Women’s competition, the Malaysian team is in Group A with Jordan, Thailand and Vietnam. Group B comprises Japan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Philippine.

The results of the Malaysian teams matches are as follows:-

28/10 – Women’s preliminary round Jordan 5 - Malaysia 2
28/10 – Men’s preliminary round Malaysia 8 – Vietnam 2

30/10 – Women’s preliminary round Vietnam 3, Malaysia 0
30/10 – Men’s preliminary round Malaysia 1 – Jordan 3

1/11 – Malaysia 6 vs. Bahrain 3
1/11 – Malaysia 0 vs. Thailand 9

The winners and runners-up of each of the men’s group enter the quarter-finals. The winners and runners-up of the 2 groups in the women’s competition enter the semi final. The Malaysian Men’s team with 2 wins and 1 loss, qualifies for the quarter final to be played on 4th Nov. against either Iran or Turkmenistan. The women’s team with 3 losses, has been knocked out of the competition.

The quarter-finals and semi-finals schedules are as shown below.

4/11 – Men’s quarter finals at 1000 hrs, 1230 hrs, 1430 hrs, 1700 hrs.
4/11 – Women’s Semi-final at 1330 hrs and 1600 hrs
6/11 – 3rd & 4th place play off at 1330 hrs
Women’s Final at 1600 hrs
5/11 – Men’s Semi Finals at 1430 hrs and 1700 hrs.

7/11 – 3rd & 4th place playoff at 1430 hrs
Final at 1700 hrs

Tenpin Bowling Results
In the Men’s Single event, Malaysia’s Rodson Tong Juinn Chuan finished in 9th position, 37 pins away from quarter finals berth.

(Report submitted by Cik Stephanie, from Ho Chi Minh City)


The Olympic Council of Malaysia wishes to congratulate Encik Chua Hong Tam, for being awarded the Sports Leadership Award of the Malaysian Schools Sports Council of the Ministry of Education Malaysia, on 30th October 2009. Encik Chua retired from the Ministry of Education, on 7th March 2006, as the Director of the Sports Management Unit of the Sports and Physical Education Department of the Ministry of Education Malaysia. On his retirement, he joined the Olympic Council of Malaysia on 7th may 2006, as a volunteer officer.

7th OCM - Tan Sri Alex Lee Charity Golf 2009

The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) is organizing the 7th OCM - Tan Sri Alex Lee Charity Golf on 9th November 2009 at Saujana Golf & Country Club. The objectives of the charity golf are to raise funds for the Tan Sri Alex Lee Athletes' Education Fund and to encourage interaction between the various National Sports Associations (NSAs) and also in memory of the late Tan Sri Alex Lee for his tremendous contribution to the nation and sport. This is the 10th Anniversary of the untimely passing away of the late Tan Sri Alex Lee, in a scuba diving accident off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 1999. Details of the charity golf and the Entry Form are available on the OCM Website at www.olympic.org.my

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