Monday, 16 March 2009

Academy Bestows Distinction on Tunku Imran - 2009 Honorary Doctorates - United States Sports Academy

Prince Tunku Imran to whom the United States Sports Academy recently awarded for the International Honorary Doctorate, became Malaysia's first national squash champion in 1973 and ever since has been making a lot of "racquet" in the world of sports.

Honorary Doctorate

Separate from the Awards of Sport, but still vital to the presentations of the Academy, is the Honorary Doctorate. Normally, there are two honorary doctorates awarded each year — one national and one international. However, this number may be adjusted when deemed appropriate by the president of the Academy. Recipients are presented with a hood, citation, plaque and transcript signifying their honorary degree.

Previous Recipients

Cassie Conrad
Sang-Chen Lee

Gen. Paul X. Kelly
Shaikh Esa bin Mohammod Al-Khalifa

Henry "Bud" Greenspan
Ben Weider

Dr. Denton A. Cooley
Mario Vazquez Rana

Richard W. Pound
Howard Cossell

Professor Russell M. Coley
Anita L. DeFrantz — Member, International and U.S. Olympic Committees

Mario Fernandez — Wildlife Artist
H.R.H. Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz — Commander, Joint Forces, Op. Desert Storm
Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf — Commander of the U.S. Forces in Desert Storm
Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak — Minister of Defense, Malaysia

Cristobal Gabbaron — Artist, Spain
Milo R. "Mike" Lude — Director of Athletics, Auburn University and University of Washington

Judith M. Sweet — First Woman President of the NCAA
Dick Schultz — Executive Director, NCAA; Director of Athletics, University of Virginia

Donna Lopiano — Executive Director, Women's Sport Foundation

Don Conrad Durantez — President, Spanish Olympic Committee
Dr. George E. Uhlig — Dean of the College of Education, University of South Alabama

Commendador Arnaldo de Oliviera Sales — President, Amateur Sport Federation
Gerald C. Hock

William J. Hybl — President, U.S. Olympic Committee
R. "Pak" Maladi — Minister of Sport, Republic of Indonesia

George E. Killian — Executive Director, National Junior College Athletic Association
H.R.H. Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa — Crown Prince of the State of Bahrain

Jack Lenygel — Director of Athletics, U.S. Naval Academy
Gen. Wismoyo Arismunander — President, National Olympic Committee of Indonesia

H.E. Kofi Annan — Secretary General, United Nations
Charles Billich — Artist, Australia
Donna de Varona — President, Women's U.S. Soccer World Cup Organization Committee
Dr. Deborah Yow — Athletics Director, University of Maryland
Mr. James Hasser — Chairman Board of Trustees Emeritus, USSA

Ted Turner — Media Mogul
Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah — Pres., Kuwait Olympic Comm.; Olympic Comm. of Asia

President George W. Bush — U.S. President
Dr. Zhenliang He — Chairman, International Olympic Committee's Education Council
H.L. Sonny Callahan — U.S. Congressman, Mobile
Sandra Baldwin

Dr. Robert Khayat — Chancellor, University of Mississippi
His Royal Highness Salman bi Hamad Al-Khalifa — Crown Prince of the State of Bahrain

Mike Cleary — Executive Director, National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics
Vince Dooley — Athletic Director, University of Georgia
Santiparb Tejavanija — Governor, Sport Authority of Thailand

Dr. Jacques Rogge — President, International Olympic Committee
Dr. Nicos Peristianis — Executive Director, Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus

Joe Louis Clark — High School Principal featured in 1989 Motion Picture, Lean On Me
T.A. Ganda Sithole — Director, International Cooperation and Development, International Olympic Committee
Abbot Shi Yongxin — Leader of the Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Kung Fu and Spiritual leader of China Chan

Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão — East Timor's President
Kevin White — Director of Athletics, University of Notre Dame


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